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  1. Introducing SmartyBundle, a Smarty3 bundle for Symfony2

    Hello all! I've released yesterday the first version of SmartyBundle on GitHub. SmartyBundle SmartyBundle is a Symfony2  bundle that provides integration for the Smarty3 template engine. It will allow the usage of the Smarty template engine in Symfony2, instead of Twig or PHP templates. SmartyBundle is released under a LPGLv3…

    on Symfony, Smarty, SmartyBundle

  2. Failed to submit batch buffer (Xorg)

    Another Xorg update After my last Xorg update I've lost the nice ability to log into my KDE. Well, this sucks because I spent a long time compiling kdelibs and friends so I really want to use it. Symptoms A blank screen on login. You can even see your mouse…

    on Gentoo, Linux

  3. Sanitize filenames with PHP

    PDF generation and invalid characters While working with the TableTools PDF generator included in the great DataTables jQuery plugin I've noticed that sometimes the script failed to generate the PDF file. The cause? Invalid characters in the filename. Well, to solve this issue I've made a simple PHP function to…

  4. Don't let updatedb take your Linux down

    Coffee break everyone? Everyday morning was the same: updatedb came and took my Gentoo away. The symptoms were clear, X/KDE applications starting to become slow and unresponsive, and then the two inevitable choices: go for a coffee and wait or pkill the bastard. Asking updatedb to be nice (the…

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  5. Meme Miner: the translation tool I've been looking for

    No, this will not replace Google Translate or Babel Fish. But it does something that these tools simply can't offer. For some time I've been using Wikipedia to translate expressions that a normal translator couldn't give exact results, because they use literal translations. Now there is a faster way. Enter…

  6. Ebuild for CoovaChilli v1.2.2 coming soon

    It has been a while since I took Laurento Fritella contributions on bugzilla for CoovaChilli-1.0.11 and made them available through Sunrise overlay. In the meantime I've tried to submit version 1.0.14 but run into some problems with SSL and I was back then completely out of…

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